Anders Almgren

Anders Almgren is Enables first full-time employee and holds the position as Project co-lead and part of the Enable management team. He joined Enable Jan 1st 2017. Almgren has got a Master’s degree in Sociology and wrote his master’s thesis on Swedish supporters- and ultras culture. He has been deeply engaged in Swedish football for almost 15 years, including the role as chairman of the IFK Göteborg official supporters club Änglarna, as a debater in sports policy making and – for five years – as the Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) of IFK Göteborg. He has been engaged as lecturer on supporters culture both by Svensk Elitfotboll, by the Swedish police in their training of SPT officers and by other actors. In 2015 he was hired by the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to write a report on how to encourage and strengthen positive supporters culture in Sweden. Active for over a decade, Almgren has an extensive experience and knowledge on Swedish football and a wide network among its stakeholders. He will strengthen Enables’ availability for its main partners and enhance the knowledge within the Enable organization of the daily practices of Swedish football and its supporters culture.

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