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The top 32 Swedish clubs support ENABLE

ENABLE has recently secured funding for a four-year extension of the project made possible by funding from Gålö Foundation and Stockholm Advisory Board. Additionally through the support of Swedish Elite Football all 32 clubs from Allsvenskan and Superettan have now joined and agreed to support and as such ENABLE is now ready enter into a new phase with a significant expansion of its activities throughout 2016.

“The funding represents a major breakthrough in terms of our capacity to bring about evidence based solutions to the problems confronting Swedish football in terms of safety and security. We are extremely grateful to the Galo Foundation and the Stockholm Advisory Board for making this possible. Their support is not just important practically. It represents a very important endorsement of the work that we have done so far. We will build on these successes and our activities through 2016 will produce meaningful and important research that will have a measureable impact on the situation. ” says Dr. Clifford Stott, University of Leeds who is project co-lead.

The CEO of Svensk Elitboll Mats Enquist is pleased that all Swedish clubs have joined ENABLE:

“With ENABLE we get an independent project organisation that can offer us evidence based solutions and guidance that can optimise the clubs’ and other stakeholder’s work on safety and security issues. The ENABLE-project provides us, a platform for an objective analysis. In this way ENABLE helps us to facilitate answers on how we and other important stakeholders can work in the best possible ways. As this is done through bringing international experience to bear, its research and evidence-based methods only strengthens its legitimacy. It is very appreciated to have this support so that we can concentrate on doing the right things instead of debating differences of opinions.”

In 2016 a series of activities will be initiated starting with a High-level workshop in Gothenburg 9-10 February (LINK) followed by the yearly ENABLE conference held in March in Stockholm. More information on that conference will follow shortly. The project will then conduct a series of observations in Sweden and abroad throughout 2016.

“The observations give us the opportunity to add an international perspective to the Swedish context as we bring in competences from supporter’s organisations, police institutions and universities. This brings a lot of value to the project” says Filip Lundberg, Djurgårdens IF who is project co-lead.

With all clubs from Allsvenskan and Superettan in the project as well as a long list over other participants the project is unique:

“To have clubs, supporters, police and academics in the same project is remarkable. It offers us a platform for multi-agent collaboration that is very unique”, says Jonas Havelund, University of Southern Denmark.

Participating Swedish clubs


BK_Hacken Falkenbergs_FF
AIK Stockholm BK Häcken Djurgårdens IF Falkenbergs FF
Gif Sundsvall Halmstads Hammarby
Gefle IF GIF Sundsvall Halmstads BK Hammarby IF
elfsborg IFKGoteborg Kalmar
Helsingborgs IF IF Elfsborg IFK Göteborg Kalmar FF
Noorkoping Noorkoping orebro atvidabergs
Malmö FF IFK Norrköping Örebro SK Åtvidabergs FF FC



Assyriska Athletic degerfors degerfors
Assyriska F Athletic FC United Brommapojkarna Degerfors IF
Gais varnamo Frej j-sodra
GAIS IFK Värnamo IF Frej Täby Jönköpings Södra
Ljungskile mjallby Sirius syrianska
Ljungskile Mjällby IK Sirius Syrianska FC
utsiktens varbergs angelsholm ostersund
Utsiktens BK Varbergs BoIS FC Ängelholms FF Östersunds FK

Enable launches new website

As part of it’s second phase, Enable has launched a new website. Designed to a new brand, it has been set up to give visitors as much information as possible about the project’s development.

Phase One Interim Report: Empirical Observations & Analysis

To facilitate dissemination, discussion and learning we have provided this interim report, which focuses in detail on two of our three phase 1 observations, but also bases its preliminary conclusions on data from the third. The background theoretical context for this work draws extensively on the Elaborated Social Identity Model of crowd behaviour (ESIM). This theoretical approach is a framework for understanding risk management in the context of crowd events and has considerable policy impact at a global level in the policing context. For a list of relevant research studies see Stott & Pearson, 2014. The project is designed to contribute directly to reforms to organisational practices in respect to safety and security in Swedish football.

Click the link below to download the document as a PDF.

ENABLE Phase One Interim Report

ENABLE Phase One Interim Report – English summary

ENABLE Phase One Interim Report – Swedish summary


Djurgården FC “demonstrates its responsibility” by engaging with Enable

Responsiball praises Djurgården FC’s social commitment for taking a leading roll in Enable’s work.

“Djurgården FC, a club with a long-standing reputation for commitment to social responsibility issues, has long believed that professional football has a responsibility to act on the issue of football related disorders.”

Responsiball provides a platform for a community of practitioners within the football sector to act in unison; thus promoting and maintaining high standards of meaningful social responsibility. Read their full article here:

Enabling an Evidence Based Approach to Crowd Safety and Security in Swedish Football

Policing crowds without force

Dr. Clifford Stott was recently awarded the “Outstanding Impact in Public Policy” Award by the Economic and Social Research Council.

He was awarded the prize and financial support for his work on the development of Liaison Officers in the UK; units whose aim is helping police manage the potential for conflict in crowds while facilitating people’s rights to protest through dialogue and negotiation.

ESRC produced a short a video to explore and promote the benefits of the project.

Enable “another positive step towards common sense” says Supporters Direct

Supporters Direct has called the Enable project a “positive step… towards the use of common sense, dialogue, inclusion and de-escalation”.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“The ENABLE research project is another positive step, not only in Sweden, towards the use of common sense, dialogue, inclusion and de-escalation. It also highlights once again that in order to avoid future tragedies initiatives and actions should be taken from all sides (the police, academics, clubs, leagues, supporters, sponsors, football associations, etc) to investigate the underlying reasons of such behaviours and come up with a joint strategy and plan to isolate them and make sure the conditions in which they nurture and flourish are addressed and tackled”

Click through to read the full article:
Enable project aims to improve matchday experience