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Phase One Interim Report: Empirical Observations & Analysis

To facilitate dissemination, discussion and learning we have provided this interim report, which focuses in detail on two of our three phase 1 observations, but also bases its preliminary conclusions on data from the third. The background theoretical context for this work draws extensively on the Elaborated Social Identity Model of crowd behaviour (ESIM). This theoretical approach is a framework for understanding risk management in the context of crowd events and has considerable policy impact at a global level in the policing context. For a list of relevant research studies see Stott & Pearson, 2014. The project is designed to contribute directly to reforms to organisational practices in respect to safety and security in Swedish football.

Click the link below to download the document as a PDF.

ENABLE Phase One Interim Report

ENABLE Phase One Interim Report – English summary

ENABLE Phase One Interim Report – Swedish summary


Djurgården FC “demonstrates its responsibility” by engaging with Enable

Responsiball praises Djurgården FC’s social commitment for taking a leading roll in Enable’s work.

“Djurgården FC, a club with a long-standing reputation for commitment to social responsibility issues, has long believed that professional football has a responsibility to act on the issue of football related disorders.”

Responsiball provides a platform for a community of practitioners within the football sector to act in unison; thus promoting and maintaining high standards of meaningful social responsibility. Read their full article here:

Enabling an Evidence Based Approach to Crowd Safety and Security in Swedish Football

Policing crowds without force

Dr. Clifford Stott was recently awarded the “Outstanding Impact in Public Policy” Award by the Economic and Social Research Council.

He was awarded the prize and financial support for his work on the development of Liaison Officers in the UK; units whose aim is helping police manage the potential for conflict in crowds while facilitating people’s rights to protest through dialogue and negotiation.

ESRC produced a short a video to explore and promote the benefits of the project.

Enable “another positive step towards common sense” says Supporters Direct

Supporters Direct has called the Enable project a “positive step… towards the use of common sense, dialogue, inclusion and de-escalation”.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“The ENABLE research project is another positive step, not only in Sweden, towards the use of common sense, dialogue, inclusion and de-escalation. It also highlights once again that in order to avoid future tragedies initiatives and actions should be taken from all sides (the police, academics, clubs, leagues, supporters, sponsors, football associations, etc) to investigate the underlying reasons of such behaviours and come up with a joint strategy and plan to isolate them and make sure the conditions in which they nurture and flourish are addressed and tackled”

Click through to read the full article:
Enable project aims to improve matchday experience

ENABLE 2015 Conference Report

This report is based upon the presentations held at the ENABLE Conference at Tele2 Arena on the 25th and 26th February 2015.
The conference was attended by approximately 50 invited people from a number of key organisations and institutions in Swedish football. The conference also had attendance from both Wales and Denmark and reflecting the international status of the project.
Both the conference and the report are in English. The report follows the same chronology as the conference. As organisers of the conference we wish to thank all participants for fruitful discussions and the willingness to play an active role during the conference.
Jonas Havelund, Clifford Stott & Filip Lundberg

Enable Secures Phase 2 Funding

ENABLE has secured phase two funding. During 2015 we applied to Gålöstiftelsen and the County Administrative Board of Stockholm for substantial funding to allow for phase two developments and ENABLE was awarded a total grant of 8.5 million SEK to fund activity across the next four years. Phase two of ENABLE revolves around a series of inter-related work programs from January 2016.

Click here to read more about the grants.