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The history of Enable | Enable

The history of Enable

ENABLE was founded in 2014 in Sweden following a tragedy at the Allsvenskan league season première between Helsingborgs IF and Djurgårdens IF, where a Djurgården supporter died after a violent incident. The project was initiated by Djurgården’s CSR Manager Filip Lundberg and Dr Clifford Stott, Keele University, UK. Soon after the duo became a trio with the involvement of Jonas Havelund, University of Souhthern Denmark, all working in a part-time capacity. This initiative was made possible thanks to financial support from Djurgårdens IF and the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Ahead of the 2016 season, the conditions for ENABLE’s work in Sweden changed significantly when the Gålö Foundation became the principal financial backer. As a consequence, the organisation’s operations could be secured for several years and ENABLE expanded ahead of 2017, with former SLO at IFK Gothenburg Anders Almgren being employed as a full-time project manager and Neil Williams, a doctoral student from Keele University in the UK, also joining the project.

In 2017 Dr Clifford Stott initiated ENABLE UK and other countries might follow.

ENABLE International