Work programme five: Dissemination

Dr Clifford Stott, Jonas Havelund and Filip Lundberg.

The work programme will concentrate of disseminating the developed knowledge, primarily in work packages two and three. It will involve a series of stakeholder workshops, conferences, seminars and bespoke multi-agency training events. In the first year it will deliver at least three formal training events, in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo aimed primarily at police officers, but to which other interested parties (stadium mangers, OV) will also be invited. It will also develop formal reports and focus on the publication of papers in peer reviewed academic journals. In addition it will, where possible we will create video pod-casts in both Swedish and English.

Also during the first year a number of public seminars will be arranged whereof at least one event will be held in each of the three cities of Gothenburg, Malmoe and Stockholm. At the public seminars local authorities, the regional police, clubs and supporters are invited with the aim at creating a neutral platform for communication.

At the end of the project period, three seminars will be held (in Gothenburg, Malmoe and Stockholm) in order to formally disseminate the results from the project to the stakeholders. The final seminar will communicate guidelines and recommendations and future perspectives. They will be open to the public. In order to secure knowledge transfer and international perspectives on the project conference participation will be an integrated part of the project.

This will secure a high quality of the project and at the same time raise awareness of the project internationally. Alongside the activities a number of scientific and popular publications will be produced within the framework of the project. The publications will serve multiple purposes. The scientific publications will document and disseminate the results of the project where the popular publications will communicate to the wider audience and aims at stimulating debate about the issue in the general public.

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