Work programme three: Policing & stewarding

Dr Clifford Stott, Jonas Havelund and Filip Lundberg

This work package will focus upon the differing modes and agencies delivering safety, securing and criminal justice responses to supporter gathering and behaviour. It will involve extensive observational research of safety and security responses across the Swedish context. It will focus on developing models of good practice among police and Ordningsvakter (OV) and understanding police inter-relationships. It will address stadium management and stadium safety issues. It will also provide a platform for international partnerships and approaches.

A series of observations will be conducted in Sweden, in the areas of Västra Götaland, Skåne and Stockholm. Each observation will have representatives from different stakeholders and preferably also from international experts (e.g. experienced police officers, stadium and security personnel and academics). Observations are a well-tested and refined ethnographic framework, which enables the collection of a broad range of qualitative data.

The ethnographic approach is particularly well suited for extracting meaningful data from highly complex and dynamic social environments surrounding the management of crowds. These observations will be used to validate and extend the phase one preliminary scientific findings.

The observations will be followed by analysis workshops with multi-agency presence. This method has proven to work very effectively in a Swedish context during the initial phase, with each stakeholder group experiencing positive outcomes. During the workshop observations are discussed and issues and incidents are analysed. This provides a basis for drawing the data together and for creating knowledge coproduction. Data from the workshops will be collated, subjected to systematic analysis by the academic partners and disseminated.

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